We Are Building The First SaaS Recommendations System Designed for Creative Content

After 18 months of lab work and beta testing, we are proud to announce the launch of Rumo, the first SaaS recommendation platform specifically designed for creative industries. .

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Why Rumo ? 

We make recommendations accessible for any creative content. Video, books, podcasts, online courses, video games and much more.

Facing the multitude of content available on the Internet, people are left alone to make choices. In a typical bookshop, a clerk is helping you to make the right choice by asking questions like “what are you in the mood for?”, or “what did you read recently?” and guide you to find the best fit to your – often unexpressed – singular preferences. Recommending cultural goods that match individual tastes is in fact a very difficult job that requires high-quality data and proficiency. 

Designed as an answer to the problem of hyper choice, recommender systems are not doomed to remain dark, cold and Skynet types of machines. Black-box algorithms create legitimate public anxiety. Current solutions primarily provide statistic-based results without considering each individual’s inner taste and their past experiences with creative content. We provide tech, as well as non-tech people, with algorithms, dashboards and analytics that are transparent, controllable, and respectful of data protection with an ethical approach : We believe in human-centered AI.

Rumo’s innovation stems from a simple idea. Ultimately everyone, from producers to consumers, shall understand the logic of recommendations. More than that, content platform builders and users, shall be in position to monitor and configure, test and learn, fine-tune their profile, control their personal data. These are the conditions to make people and machines work together in trusted environments. This is the only way for creative industries to provide content recommendation in a reliable and relevant manner. 

Our Journey, From Video to All Cultural Goods 

Rumo is being built inside Spideo, a company that we co-founded in 2010.  Since then, Spideo has been offering recommendation technologies to the Media and Entertainment sector with a humanized approach. Spideo has built a unique expertise in recommender systems and content personalization by combining skills coming from computer and social sciences, semantics and film studies. In the Media and Entertainment sector Spideo has become an International leader with customers like Canal +, Televisa, Altice, Sky, Claro and more. 

We believe that recommendation is about engaging personal interactions that spark human emotions. 

We build Rumo with the idea that recommendation is here to help people discover new things. It’s here to help people decide, instead of taking decisions for them. It’s here to provide new horizons of diversity instead of standardizing people’s tastes. When designed in a humane manner, recommendation serves creators and makes people explore new territories of content. 

Thibault d’Orso & Gabriel Mandelbaum, Co-Founders.